Safety & Maintenance FloatDaddy
To Keep Your Family Safe
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products are durable and built for family fun. Please spend time reading our Care & Warranty document to ensure that your fun on the water will last, summer after summer.



•    It is recommended to reduce exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Storing the mat when not in use will help minimize surface damage and fading.

•    To clean the FloatDaddy, simply wipe it off with a sponge and rinse it clean.

•    Let your FloatDaddy dry completely before you roll it up.

•    Once it is rolled up, secure your FloatDaddy with the velcro straps.

•    Store in a location protected from the elements and direct sunlight.

Anyone who uses the FloatDaddy should read and understand these safety guidelines and information.

•    Always consider the height and weight of the users of the FloatDaddy, as well as activities performed, when you are selecting a safe location.

•    Always maintain a safe distance between the FloatDaddy and any dock, platform, boat, pier, other obstruction, or hard surface that someone might strike if they were to fall off.

•    Never swim under your FloatDaddy.

•    Never jump onto the FloatDaddy from higher platforms.

•    It is highly recommended to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved Type III (PFD) vest when using the FloatDaddy.

•    DO NOT TOW, PUSH OR PULL the FloatDaddy behind any boat or watercraft.

•    When anchoring your FloatDaddy product, only the provided bungee cord should be used. There needs to be a looseness and flexibility to the attachment cord, to prevent causing damage to your FloatDaddy, from jumping and running. Damage caused by using tight cables are not covered under our warranty.

•    If product is anchored, maintain a safe distance from rope and anchor.

•    Always use a highly-visible buoy to mark your FloatDaddy.

•    Never use the FloatDaddy after sunset, before dawn or under poor lighting conditions.

•    Always remove your FloatDaddy from the water when not in use. Clean, dry, roll and store your mat in a secure location.

•    Never leave your FloatDaddy unattended or in the water overnight.

•    Never use the FloatDaddy in rough surface water conditions, during storms or when there is lightning. If an unexpected storm arises while using the FloatDaddy, seek shelter on shore immediately.

•    Never use the FloatDaddy under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

•    Always stay under control while using and playing on the FloatDaddy. Rough play can be dangerous on wet surfaces.
•    Foam surface may be slick when wet.

•    Never dive off the FloatDaddy. If you jump off the FloatDaddy, always enter the water feet first.

•    Never use the FloatDaddy while tired or fatigued. Use extreme caution while swimming between the shore and the FloatDaddy. Do not attempt to swim this distance if you are tired or fatigued.

•    Always inspect the areas around and under the FloatDaddy before each use to ensure the water is deep enough and free of rocks, logs, sand bars and underwater obstructions. Be sure the FloatDaddy is a safe distance from any hard objects above the water.

•    When not in use, remove your FloatDaddy from the water and secure against unauthorized or unsupervised use.

•    Inspect your product for any wear or defects prior to each use.

•    Use the FloatDaddy only under mature, responsible adult supervision. Never play on the FloatDaddy alone.

•    Do not attempt flips, forward rolls or other acrobatic/gymnastic maneuvers on this product. Such maneuvers pose a serious risk of broken bones, nerve damage, spinal cord injury, brain injury, or even death.

Use extreme caution and be safe when playing on your FloatDaddy.

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FloatDaddy Safety & Maintenance