Foam Lake Swim Mat | FLOAT DADDY | Ultimate 3Ply Super Island Lake Mat

Ultimate 3 Layer Foam Lake Float | FloatDaddy 3Ply  Super Island | 16 Feet

The Ultimate 3-Ply Foam Lake Floats

FloatDaddy™ Islands and Super Islands are premium, high-density foam floating swim mats that are made in the USA. These durable lake pads are built with multiple layers of high quality, dense closed-cell polyethylene, with our signature reinforcement poly mesh layer between for added strength and durability. With our foam is tough, but it also has a soft side. Our smooth touch layer, these swim mats are comfortable to lay on all day on the water. Custom lengths are available upon request.

Whether you are wanting something for the kids, or the ultimate buoyancy for the whole crew, we've got the following lake pad options:

Foam Lake Float | FloatDaddy 3Ply Island | Supports 2500 LBS!FloatDaddy™ Super Islands
available in 3-ply foam with
reinforcement poly layer between
two of the three layers.
These ultra-thick mats are
one of the thickest, most buoyant
swim mats on the market! These
mats support 2500 LBS!

Foam Lake Float | FloatDaddy 2Ply Island | Supports 1250 LBSFloatDaddy Islands
available in 2-ply foam
with reinforcement poly
layer between. These
swim mats suspend nicely
on the water, but you
will get wet. These mats
support 1250 LBS!

Float Daddy 3Ply Super Island Swim Mat - 6x16 - High-Density Foam Lake Pad - 2 1/8" ThickestFloatDaddy 3-Ply Super Islands
are one of the thickest lake pads
on the market! With this much foam,
these swim pads stay high on the
water and support the whole crew!
Our sturdy 3-Ply Super Islands are
able to support upto 2500 LBS.! So
you can bring the whole family!








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