Closed Cell High Density Foam Lake Mats Float Daddy

It's Our Closed-Cell Foam
That Locks the Water Out.

FloatDaddy™ are made with high density, closed-cell polyethylene foam. Our durable, smooth touch foam is made in America, and is known for it's consistency of color throughout each sheet of foam. Closed-cell foam is ideal for our FloatDaddy Island and Super Island foam lake floats, due to its inability to absorb water. Miniature air bubbles are captured in the foam, which further adds to the superior buoyancy of our lake mats.

When multiple layers of foam are heat-laminated together, as they are with our FloatDaddy lake floats, they become more and more buoyant with each layer. Because close cell foam can't absorb water, these lake floats remain high on the water all day. Our premium 3-Ply FloatDaddy take buoyancy to a whole new level! At 2-inches of thickness, our Super Islands are one of the thickest lake pads on the market! They are designed to stay on top of the water, no matter how many people climb on. Even grownups can stand up these ultimate lake floats!


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