FloatDaddy 3-Ply Foam Lake Mats


It's Our Layers that
Pack Our Floating Power.

Our layers upon layers of premium foam keep FloatDaddy Lake Mats floating higher than the competition. These FloatDaddy foam lake mats are America-made with 3 hefty layers of premium high density closed cell polyethylene foam. These 3 layers are fused together in our heat-laminating process. Once these layers are locked together, their floating power is released. Each mat can support OVER 2500 LBS! So even grownups can climb on up and stand on them.

Every FloatDaddy Lake Mat uses the same foam combination to make sure that they float high on the water, and can support any fun that you throw at them. Our NEW Pet-Friendly Lake Mats adds an additional tight-weave fabric layer to further protect this buoyant foam. So, you foam mat remains protected from scratches, scuffs and punctures that can be created by pet...and kids!

All of our FloatDaddy Lake Mats all come in our signature Cyan-Blue-Cyan design. The lighter Cyan coloring is less susceptible to fading over time. So, along with our UV stabilized foam coloring formulation, your FloatDaddy should stay bright and colorful for years.

Foam Lake Float | FloatDaddy 3Ply Super Island Cyan Blue | 16 Feet  


Our NEW Pet-Friendly Fabric Lake Mats protect your foam mat even more. This new tight-weave fabric adheres to our 3 layers of foam to create a strong top layer. This fabric provides protection from scratches, scuffs and punctures that can be created by pets...and kids! So, bring on the fun!


3 Layers of FloatDaddy Foam