Smooth Touch FloatDaddy Foam Lake Mats

Our Lake Mats
Have a Soft Side.

FloatDaddy™ Islands and Super Islands are designed to be comfortable. All of our lake mats are made with high density, closed-cell polyethylene foam. We choose to take another step to treat the surface of the foam, to provide a smoother, softer finish for more comfort. Our durable, smooth touch foam is all made in America and is known for it's consistency of color throughout each sheet of foam. So, your FloatDaddy lake mat has uniform, UV-stable color that lasts longer than most of the competition.

There is a fine line between soft foam and higher-density, super buoyant foam. Higher-density, closed-cell foam stays higher on the water, but often has a rough finish. On the flip side, softer less-dense foam is comfortable, but gets floppy and sinks under the water surface more. At FloatDaddy, we have found the right combination of the two. Our lake mats stay high on the water, for more fun, while being soft to the touch.

Because close cell foam can't absorb water, these lake floats can remain on the water all day. Our 3-Ply FloatDaddy Lake Mats take buoyancy to a whole new level! At 2-inches of thickness, our Super Islands are one of the thickest lake pads on the market! Even grownups can "walk on the water" with these ultimate lake floats!


FloatDaddy Smooth Touch Foam