Foam Lake Swim Mat | FLOAT DADDY | Reinforcement Poly Mesh Layer

Foam Lake Float | FloatDaddy | Sturdy Poly Mesh Reinforcement Layer

Foam Lake Floats | Reinforcement Layer

FloatDaddy™ Islands and Super Islands are all built to last. Foam isn't naturally designed to withstand the pressure of human weight in the small areas applied by our feet. Most of our competition build lake pads that can't withstand the forces exerted by our family fun. Our additional, signature poly mesh reinforcement layer, provides the peace of mind that your summer water fun will last!

Foam Lake Float | FloatDaddy | Reinforcement Poly Mesh LayerAt FloatDaddy, we believe in doing things the right way, because we know our family with definitely put our mats thru the rigors. So, every mat we make has our signature poly mesh reinforcement layer, heat-laminated between our high-density, closed-cell foam. That means these lake mats are tough! Strong enough for full days or family summer fun on the water.

Not only does this layer of strength protect against tears, punctures and holes, it also provides more support for its users. Our 3-Ply Super Island lake pads have this signature reinforcement poly layer, to provide superior strength and puncture-resistance.



Foam Lake Float | FloatDaddy 3Ply Super Island | Supports 2500 LBS!Our ultimate 3-Ply Super Islands take buoyancy to a whole new level! At 2-inches of thickness, our Super Islands are one of the thickest lake pads on the market! Even grownups can "walk on the water" with these ultimate lake floats! These 3-layer foam lake floats are built to SUPPORT A HEFTY 2500 LBS.!!! That's the whole family...and friends!

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