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It all started on the driveway.

FloatDaddy™ was created for summer fun, by a couple dads who loved spending time with their families on the water. Our company was founded to create great memories with your favorite people, enjoying time together on the lake. While out on the water, we've used plenty of water toys, but our kids have always enjoyed anything that lets them get out of the water and push each other back in.

After trying out other lake pads, we discovered that nothing existed on the market that could let grownups have as much fun as the kids. We kept saying things like "wouldn't it be cool if the adults could walk around on these?" or "it'd be nice if these didn't flood so much." So, while hanging out on the driveway in our lawn chairs, we decided to try to create the ultimate lake mat. This is where our 3-Ply FloatDaddy was born!

We created our company, Driveway Ideation Group, LLC. (Pretty clever name, huh?!) And from there we were off and running. We gave our premium lake floats the name "FloatDaddy", which came from exactly what it sounds like...a couple dads creating some super cool floats! We want FloatDaddy to be known for our premium products and our love of family, friends and summer FUN!

We believe in having over-the-top fun, so our FloatDaddy products are built to last. Our floating islands are all made in America (right here in Kansas), with sturdy layers of durable, high quality foam to ensure that your fun will last. Since our manufacturing and shipping all happen here in our hometown, we can assure the quality that goes into our products.

We currently have three different 3-ply lake mats, our 16-Foot Lake Mat, 20-Foot Lake Mat and NEW Pet-Friendly Fabric Lake Mat! All of our swim mats are constructed with layers of premium UV-resistant, high density closed cell polyethylene foam. Each mat is designed for superior durability, buoyancy and FUN! Our lake mats stay high on the water and are designed to support hold the whole family. Enjoy you summer.

We really appreciate you choosing FloatDaddy!
Welcome to our FloatDaddy Family.

Enjoy your FloatDaddy Summer!