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FloatDaddy™ Islands and Super Islands are built with premium, quality materials. Our accessory hardware is no exception. Every FloatDaddy lake mat comes standard with the following accessory package:

FloatDaddy Foam Lake Mat | Accessories | Rust-Resistant, Zinc Oxidized D-Rings

FloatDaddy Foam Lake Mat | Accessories | Carabiner Bungee Cord | Blue

Anchoring D-Rings
Two rust-resistant, zinc oxidized D-Rings installed on both sides of the swim mat. These durable zinc oxide D-rings are 2-3/8" in diameter and mounted to a strong 3-3/4" plastic base to protect your swim mat. These D-rings are plated in zinc to withstand the elements. The large flip-up D-ring anchor point folds away when not in use, and is versatile enough to accept most tie down end fittings. D-rings come in a set of 2.


Carabiner Bungee Cord - Blue
This 48" FloatDaddy bungee cord with dual carabiner clips is perfect for all swim mat anchoring. It comes in royal blue and is a durable attachment for anchoring your Island to any dock, buoy, anchor line or boat.





FloatDaddy Foam Lake Mat | Accessories | Twin Velcro StrapsTwin Velcro Straps
This set of 2 velcro storage straps are 2" wide and 84" long. These black FloatDaddy straps are made to fit all 16-foot FloatDaddy Island and Super Island rolls, for easy storage. Each strap is made with hook and hoop velcro and a durable hard plastic buckle. These straps come in a set of two.






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