UV Stable FloatDaddy Foam

Our Foam Coloring is
Formulated to Last.

FloatDaddy™ Lake Mats are designed to hold your family fun. Our lake mats are made with high density, closed-cell polyethylene foam. We chose to use this American-made, sturdy foam because it stays higher on the water than the competition. Our durable, smooth touch foam is known for it's consistency of color throughout each sheet of foam. So, your FloatDaddy lake mat has uniform, UV-stable color that lasts longer than most of the competition. So, your summer fun on the water can last!

Our premium high density foam is UV stabilized to make sure that your FloatDaddy mat color stays bright and vivid. Because foam with yellows and reds tints in their coloring have been proven to fade quicker than blues, as an additional safeguard, we only make blue lake mats. Not only do they look great on the water, they stay beautiful.

UV Stable FloatDaddy Blue Foam