Built for Fun  I  FloatDaddy Foam Lake Mats
If we are going
to build something,
we are going to
build it right.

FloatDaddy™ believes that if you are going to do something, you need to do it the right way.
Everything we make is designed for ultimate durability, quality,...and most importantly...FUN!

We started this company designing these lake mats for our own family...asking "How can we make mats float higher on the water?" and "How do we keep them from fading or tearing?" We found that using 3 layers of premium, dense, closed-cell polyethylene foam was the key. But we didn't stop there.

That still wasn't enough. We found a foam with a smooth touch finish, to be softer on skin. And finally, we upgraded our hardware to be even more durable and rust-resistant.

With our latest Pet-Friendly fabric-layered mats, we feel like we have take foam durability to a whole new level. This NEW tight-weave fabric layer protects the foam surface from scratches, scuffs and punctures created by pets and kids alike. Now these mats are ready for fun.

Everything FloatDaddy makes is built with quality, premium materials that make our products last. And it all gets built in America, right here in Lenexa, Kansas. We appreciate you considering FloatDaddy!


Float Daddy Super Island Swim Mat - High-Density Foam Lake Pad - 3-Layer Dense Foam Multi-Layer Dense Foam
We only use high grade, made in America, dense polyethylene foam in our products, so our mats have a premium durability and strength.
Float Daddy Super Island Swim Mat - High-Density Foam Lake Pad - Superior Buoyancy Superior Bouyancy
Our layers of high quality, dense foam provide superior buoyancy to our competition. FloatDaddy products stay high on the water and support maximum weights in comparison to our competition.

Float Daddy Super Island Swim Mat - High-Density Foam Lake Pad - Smooth Touch Finish Smooth Touch Finish
FloatDaddy products are comfortable to lounge on and softer on skin, thanks to our Smooth Touch Foam.
Float Daddy Super Island Swim Mat - High-Density Foam Lake Pad - UV Stable Foam Coloring UV-Stable Foam
Our foam coloring is consistent and UV-stable throughout the entire area of our foam, so our color will last. 
Tight-Weave Fabric Layer
Tight-Weave Pet-Friendly Fabric Layer
Our NEW Pet-Friendly fabric layer provides a protective top layer on our foam, that prevents scratches, scuffs and puntures created by pets and kids alike.
Rust Resistant Hardware FloatDaddy

Rust-Resistant Hardware
All hardware used in our FloatDaddy products is durable and resistant to rust, to keep our products looking new. 



 Float Daddy 3Ply Super Island Swim Mat - 6x16 - High-Density Foam Lake Pad