FloatDaddy Islands

Create your own personal island today! Our durable, 3-layer lake mats are constructed of high density foam that is heat-laminated to be durable and ultra-buoyant. Our SuperIslands are one of the thickest swim mats on the market, which is why we are often recognized as the ultimate lake mat. These 3-ply Super Islands can hold over 2500lbs.! We also go another level and reinforce each mat with an additional poly layer that is heat-laminated between our premium, American-made, UV-resistant smooth touch foam. Our lake mats are designed to float high on the water, so bring the whole family!

We sweat the details on the hardware that we build our mats with. Our foam lake mats come standard with two rust-resistant zinc-oxidized d-rings, a strong 4-foot bungee for easy anchoring. Storing these mats away with the fun is over is easier with our twin velcro straps.

We design our FloatDaddy swim mats to be the best, so your family will get the most out of your time on the water, year after year.

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