Upgraded FloatDaddy Hardware!

Upgraded FloatDaddy Hardware!

At FloatDaddy, we always want our products to exceed your expectations. We have high standards for our FloatDaddy products, because we build them for families like ours. We decided to upgrade our 3-ply SuperIsland mat accessories to keep ahead of the market. Our new zinc oxide D-rings are even stronger and more durable, so you can feel confident in your anchoring. Our previous D-rings were strong, but we like these even better! These upgraded D-rings have constructed of entirely of durable, rust-resistant zinc oxide to guaranteed a solid hook-up. Your mat is then protected with a hard plastic collar, to prevent tear-thrus.

While we were at it we decided to upgrade our bungie accessories as well. We like our new carabiner clasp even more. It has a solid, durable hard plastic base that cinches to the bungie, to add an even stronger connection between our bungie and carabiner. These new carabiner clasps provide for even stronger hockups and anchoring.

We know you'll love our FloatDaddy 3-Ply SuperIsland foam lake mats even more.

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