Unfortunate price increase

Unfortunate price increase
We try our very best to provide our high quality FloatDaddy lake mats at the most competitive price possible. We aren't in this to make money. We started this company trying to make a "super floating" lake mat that the grownups could stand up on, for our own families. These mats turned out being amazing. We had so many people telling us that we should sell this awesome mats online, and start a company. We gave it a shot...and it worked. Families just like ours were looking for the same thing in a lake mat. Instead of those floppy, sinking mats that are no fun to play on, and fall apart, people wanted something that would sit high on the water, last for years and support anyone that climbed on.

This quality is built into every mat that we make. We refuse to sacrifice the quality of our foam, or the construction of our America-made lake mats. Every mat that we make is assembled with three layers of our durable, UV resistant, soft touch foam. This foam is made in America, and built right here in Lenexa, Kansas. FloatDaddy has no interest in making average, semi-buoyant lake mats just to hit a cheaper price. If given the choice, we would decide to close this company before considering offering a low quality, cheaply-built, non-American-made foam product.

That being said, COVID has done a number on foam costs worldwide, and shipping costs for these goods is through the roof. In order to continue making these super thick FloatDaddy mats, we are forced to increase our prices to keep things going. We hope our fans that do their research and end up choosing FloatDaddy, will stick with us through these times. If foam prices drop, we will also drop our prices back to normal. But for the time being we need to raise prices to cover our material and manufacturing costs.

Please know that this is tough for us to do, but it is the only way to keep this small Kansas company going. We know your family will love our FloatDaddy mats. Those families that stick with us, let us say how much we appreciate you.

Hoping for a great summer!
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