NEW Pet-Friendly Fabric-layered Lake Mats

NEW Pet-Friendly Fabric-layered Lake Mats

Finally, our furry friends have a FloatDaddy built for them! We've had so many requests for a pet-friendly mat, that we decided to create our first fabric-lined, 3-ply FloatDaddy lake mat. The same FloatDaddy Super Island quality goes into these swim mats, along with our NEW FOR 2020 PET-FRIENDLY SURFACE!

These pet-friendly, 3-ply floating foam lake mats are American-made with 3 layers of premium UV-resistant, high-density closed cell polyethylene foam. Each mat is designed for superior durability, buoyancy and family FUN...and now, pet fun, too! At 2-1/8” thickness, these FloatDaddy Super Islands are one of the thickest swim mats on the market! So, they ride high on the water and can support over 2500lbs! Even the grownups can stand up on these lake pads!


NEW 2020 I PET-FRIENDLY SURFACE I 3-Ply FloatDaddy Super Island  I  16x 6  NEW 2020 I PET-FRIENDLY SURFACE I 3-Ply FloatDaddy Super Island  I  16x 6


Our lake pads are built for FUN! These pet-friendly lake mats are layered with a scratch-resistant fabric top layer to help protect your mat from claw scuffs and scratches. Our 3-ply dense foam, closed-cell mats are heat-laminated together to keep water out, and add superior buoyancy to the lake pad. The bottom side of this lake mat is our signnature premium, smooth touch foam...although the fabric side is people-friendly, too. This new, pet-friendly FloatDaddy comes in a 16 FOOT LENGTH, with two attached rust-resistant, zinc-oxidized D-rings, a 5-foot bungee for easy anchoring and twin velcro straps for easy storage. These Pet-Friendly FloatDaddy Super Islands are ready for the fun with the whole family...and our furry friends!



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