Family Fun Time at the Lake - Our Little Secret

Family Fun Time at the Lake - Our Little Secret

Have you ever wanted to toss the phones away and reconnect with your family for a day? No distractions, just you and the kids having fun together. Trust us, we know! We are both fathers of busy families. One thing we've learned is that "good quality family time" is tough to find with all of the kids' activities, friends and snapchats.

We found a little secret to getting the kids together for fun, that doesn't feel like "forced family fun." Time at the lake is never a negative for our kids. Once they get out there, they are in the water until the sun goes down. Here's what we figured out...a floating foam island creates a family fun zone, that is free of all electronics and distractions, because we are out on the water. Unlike being in the boat or on the dock, phones aren't an option while in the water or hanging out on these lake pads. It's just you and the kids, enjoying time together on your own little island. It seriously works. And the kids love it!

That's why we got into this business. Both of us dads had so much fun with our families on these things and we decided we could improve the way lake pads are made. We wanted more comfortable swim mats that stay on top of the water, even when grownups are running around on them. That is how FloatDaddy came into reality! And now we want to share this secret with the rest of the world. So, get your family together, grab a FloatDaddy Super Island lake pad, and share some good quality family time on the water!

Visit FloatDaddy if you'd like to learn more about these family-friendly swim mats!

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