COVID Taught Us Something.

COVID Taught Us Something.

This whole COVID-19 thing has been something! It turned our entire world upside-down. We have all been sealed away in our homes, as much as possible, trying our best to keep this virus at bay. Everyone is home, on top of each other. The kids have been doing school from different room, while Mom uses the loft and I work from the kitchen counter, or from the porch on nice days.

During this time, our family got even closer to each other. We re-learned how to enjoy time with each other. We played more games, watched movies together and looked for any activity we could outdoors. We started going for walks, fishing more, playing some golf, cooking out and best of all, spending time out on the water.

One thing that we found that we all enjoyed more than anything, was being out on the lake. We could all be together, but still separated from world. We'd get the boat out on the water, pull out our FloatDaddy and just chill. We definitely missed getting to hang out with the other families at the lake...like in the photo...but, it was nice being together as a family out on the water.

No distractions, just us and the kids having fun together. It was definitely what I jokingly call "good quality family time." Time out on the FloatDaddy with the kids is always filled with conversation, joking, laughter and smiles. It is a great way to spend time together, and still feel like you are doing your part.

We can't wait for things the get back to normal, but have definitely enjoyed getting to learn how to be a family again. We hope everyone can stay safe and healthy this year. 2021 will surely have better things in store for us. Hopefully, this summer will be filled with many FloatDaddy days on the water.

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