Walk on the Water with our New Super Islands!

Posted by Dave Swearingen on

Float Daddy Foam Swim Mat


Even the grownups can walk on the water with our NEW FloatDaddyTM Super Islands! At 2-1/8" thick, these lake pads are one of the thickest on the market! Which means these foam mats stand on top of the water for superior buoyancy. WIth our closed-cell foam, no water gets absorbed into these swim mat, so our Super Islands stay high on the water and support the whole crew.

If you are looking for a fun new toy for your lake outting, make sure to tryout one of our FloatDaddy Island floating foam lake pads. They are built for fun!

Learn more about our FloatDaddy Super Islands swim mats >

3Ply Super Island FloatDaddy Pool Pad floating swim mat foam lake pad High Density Foam

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