FloatDaddy is built for fun!

FloatDaddy is built for fun!

Summer is almost over, but the fun doesn't have to end. FloatDaddy is introducing it's first line of Super Island and Island swim mats. We love to take our families to the lake, and want to bring the fun to your family lake outings too! We are introducing our FloatDaddy Island and our new 3-layer Super Islands! These mats are designed for superior buoyancy. They stay on top of the water, so even the grownups can stand on the water! These foam lake pads are one of the thickest on the market and are so buoyant that they can hold the entire family. Consider it your own oasis on the water.

FloatDaddy SuperIsland Swim Mat

If it's grownup time at the lake, these floating Islands are a perfect place to belly up to and chill out on. It's your own personal floating island! With 3 layers of foam, our Super Islands let the grownups stand on the water too!

Add some fun to your time on the water, with our FloatDaddy swim mats. We know that the whole family will enjoy them.

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